Monday, 19 February 2018

Post Birthday Thoughts

It was my birthday yesterday. I spent the morning in IKEA, and the afternoon napping on the sofa, followed by a fry-up. Never let it be said Sue Brown doesn't know how to party hard. Actually, it was a perfect birthday. Time out with my daughter which is rare these days as she's working hard, and the chance to relax away from the computer.

She bought me some gorgeous charms for my charm bracelet. One in memory of Tyler, and two Beauty and the Beast charms, the dress and the teapot. I also have Amazon vouchers to fulfil my every reading need.

I have a really busy six weeks ahead of me, and fitting in work around work and social events is going to be challenging. I'm going to attempt an early morning writing routine, rather than spending a couple of hours trawling through Twitter and Facebook. Wish me luck.

I have to finish Dating the Lionman this week. Once that's off my schedule I can take a deep breath and look at some self-pubbed work. I need to increase my wordcount/day.

I'm now 51. I wanted to spend my fiftieth year going away to various places and having fun. Mostly it was writing related, but that was okay. I was on retreats and books signings with authors and readers I know and love. It was a good year, both for me and the family, aside from losing Tyler. My forties was a complete change in my life. I'm hoping my fifties will be less change, more success.

Now I'm off to clean for my stepmum. Such an exciting life we writers lead. Have a good Monday, my friends.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Blast from the Past: Hazel Takes Over

Hazel Takes Over (Lyon Road Vets #3)

Book #1 Hairy Harry's Car Seat
Book #2 Bob the Destroyer of Leads
Book #3 Hazel Takes Over
Book #4 Stormin' Norman

After the death of his beloved dog, Harry, Peter Mitchell refuses to consider getting a new dog. Besides which, Peter has his hands full with his partner, Dr Evan Wells. The vet is surprisingly sensitive about Peter’s feelings and doesn’t nag Peter about getting a pet. Of course, not nagging and not doing anything about it are two different things, at least in Evan’s mind.

When Peter is presented with a small red bundle of fur to hold, he realises the devious vet planned their new arrival and worse, she’s already got a name. Peter may not have a choice about their dog, but he’s going to put his foot down over her name. He should know better.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Free Read: A Valentine short - Close Your Eyes

© Sue Brown

Also available on Instafreebie here

Jacob spends his Valentine’s Day with memories of his dead lover, until one rainy day Daniel skids into his life. Daniel offers Jacob the chance to live again, but is Jacob brave enough to close his eyes and risk his heart?  

Exploring Writing Resources.

I've just taken over the writing group and I have to plan things to do at the meetings. Well, I'm a total novice and I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. I've been looking at writing resources for new writers and writing exercises we can do in a short amount of time.

I have a pad of revision cards and I'm adding an exercise per card so they can be reused in the future.

I'm trying to combine whatever resource I find with an exercise for everyone to try. This month I printed out a list of emotions and we all wrote one scene using a negative list and another using a positive list. Extra points for those who managed to make a creepy story using the positive list.

One of the things I ensure is that the author's details are on the sheets I print out, with their websites. Jami Gold is a very good resource. I used her beat sheets list, and suggested the writers use her interactive site.

I'm at the very start of finding resources and if you have suggestions or resources of your own, please leave a comment. I appreciate any help, not only for the writing group, but to improve my own writing.

One of the writing group gave me a brand new exercise.

Write a sentence. 
Now write a scene making it the first line, and another scene making it the last line.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lander by J. Scott Coatsworth


J. Scott Coatsworth has a new MM Sci Fi book out:

Sometimes the world needs saving twice.

In the sequel to the Rainbow-Award-winning Skythane, Xander and Jameson thought they’d fulfilled their destiny when they brought the worlds of Oberon and Titania back together, but their short-lived moment of triumph is over.

Reunification has thrown the world into chaos. A great storm ravaged Xander's kingdom of Gaelan, leaving the winged skythane people struggling to survive. Their old enemy, Obercorp, is biding its time, waiting to strike. And to the north, a dangerous new adversary gathers strength, while an unexpected ally awaits them.

In the midst of it all, Xander’s ex Alix returns, and Xander and Jameson discover that their love for each other may have been drug-induced.

Are they truly destined for each other, or is what they feel concocted? And can they face an even greater challenge when their world needs them most?

The Oberon Cycle: Book Two

About the Oberon Cycle:

Xander is a skythane man whose wings have always been a liability on the lander-dominated half world of Oberon.

Jameson is a lander who has been sent to Oberon to find out why the supply of the psycho-amoratic drug pith has dropped off.

What neither knows is that they have a shared destiny that will change the two of them - and all of Oberon - forever.

Dreamspinner - eBook | Dreamspinner - Paperback | Amazon Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | QueeRomance Ink: 

Goodreads Link:

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Fireman's Pole audiobook giveaway

I am very happy! The Fireman's Pole is now out in audiobook!

AmazonUS | Amazon UK

To welcome the new audiobook I have 4 Audible codes. 2 x US and 2 x UK to give away.

If you'd like to enter, please leave a comment, whether you'd prefer US or UK code, and email below.

Do you prefer your men in uniform, suits or bare beautiful skin? 

Giveaway closes 10pm GMT, Wednesday 14th February.

Names to be picked out of the fireman's helmet!

M/M Romance Valentine Giveaway

Do you like giveaways? Do you like lots of wonderful Valentine-themed books? Go over to Isobel Starling's blog for many wonderful freebies. 
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